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Kondangan Peranakan Tionghoa Aspertina

Samuel Wattimena

Samuel Wattimena start sounding since following search event Femina Magazine Fashion Designers in 1979. He aspires to make Indonesia as a center of ethnic fashions in the international world. Local ethnic ingredients are always inspired in the design, particularly the Traditional Weaving Fabric and Kain Celup are made of cotton and silk.
Since 1985 Samuel has empowered communities to revitalize traditional woven fabrics and 'Kain Celup' in Tanimbar (Maluku), West Timor, Sumbawa and South Sulawesi (Makassar). Samuel also had work on art designer for the film "Naga Bonar Become 2" in 2007.


Poppy Dharsono

Poppy Dharsono more publicly known as one of the top senior fashion designers, models, artists and celebrities for over 30 years and has managed to build her fashion business since 1977. Though she has over 20 years experience in exporting jeans and apparel to the United States and Germany with trademark 'Ramasankara', as a designer she is still focusing on the domestic market and concentrate on the local fashion sector. Poppy always bring a local matter but did not impress the 'ordinary'. However it is composed into something feminine, unique, and elegant. That is what makes Poppy Dharsono as one of the senior favorite designers.


Itang Yunasz

Yusirwan Yunasz (Itang Yunasz) is one of the famous fashion designers in Indonesia. In addition, Itang also known as a singer and movie player. Began his career in 1981, after both won Femina Fashion Designers Contest. In 1986, he established PT Yunasz Astabrata that produce clothing under the brand Itang Yunasz. Itang received an award from President Fidel Ramos called Asian Women Foundation. Lately Itang also a lot of work and designing muslim and muslimah clothing.


 Geraldus Sugeng

Geraldus Sugeng is a graduate designer from Esmod Jakarta in 1997 and started working as a designer in Jakarta in 2005 until now. He is also a lecturer at various educational institutions in Indonesia. He won an award at the event JFFF fashion show in 2005-2010, Fashion Show Tendance in 2009, and Fashion Show Exploration in Jakarta in 2009. Currently, Geraldus pursue the world of wedding gown in his boutique. His business has continued to grow until he was able to make a private orders boutique for wedding and party dresses labeled 'Geraldus Sugeng' in Jakarta.


Afif Syakur

Afif Syakur is a fashion designer who has a batik Pekalongan culture background. His design has a typical design that is a blend of cultures native city of Yogyakarta and Pekalongan. He founded a company called APIP'S Batik since the early 90s. In 2005, he was selected as the Best Costume at the Street Carnival Bali Fashion Week VI. Meanwhile, in 2007, his booth selected as the best in the INACRAFT exhibition.



Hendy WijayaHendy Wijaya

Despite his young age, Hendy Wijaya has shown his existence in the fashion world. This is apparent of his works have been widely used by famous artists. Moreover, his fashion shop named n’Ruach also been working with several printing media and television to provide the needs of fashion.

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