Dancing Peranakan Tionghoa

Winda Viska

Winda Viska Ria, born in Bandung, December 3, 1983, better known by the name Winda Viska which is an Indonesian singer who ever participated in the talent show Indonesian Idol (First Season). She was also an Indonesian soap opera actress who is famous in her role as Sascya, a sassy secretary in the sitcom OB. She is also known as sinden (singer) on the TV show named Opera Van Java (OVJ).

Tina ToonitaTina Toonita

Tina Toonita is an Indonesian singer and actress. This ex child star is famous for her single ‘Bolo-Bolo’ and her signature neck-dance moves. Tina starred in the silver screen comedy titled ‘Tina Toon dan Lenong Bocah’ (2004). Now, Tina is an active member of the girl band, D’Girls and released 2 singles entitled ‘Cinta Pertama’ and ‘Cinta Buta’

Aline AditaAline Adita (MC)

Aline Adita is a model, presenter, Cosmopolitan Radio announcer and a contirbutor in a segment called ‘Ask Aline’ in a men’s magazine, FHM. Aline has acted in a soap opera called ‘Tiga Gadis’. In her social life, Aline was appointed Ambassandor of Measles Disease with Ferry Salim who is a UNICEF Ambassador.

Budi RosBudi Ros

Budi Ros is an artist specialising in theatre productions. He is a part of the Theater Community ‘Teater Koma’. Aside from acting, he ventured into directing the 119th production of Teater Koma, Sin Jin Kwie in 2010. Sin Jin Kwie Kena Fitnah (2011) and the 123rd production of Teater Koma, Sie Jin Kwie di Negeri Sihir. Budi played out as the Master.


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