The Second Event of Kondangan Peranakan

Kondangan Peranakan Tionghoa AspertinaOne of the goals of the establishment of the Association of Indonesian Tionghoa Peranakan (Aspertina) in 2011 is to preserve the art and culture of the Peranakan Tionghoa, especially to the young generation.

Peranakan culture itself is the result of acculturation or a blend of cultures from China (and also Netherlands) with the local culture "Nusantara" which has been running for hundreds of years resulting unique new culture.

So at the end of this 2014, Aspertina will conduct an annual event "Kondangan Peranakan Tionghoa" (Peranakan Tionghoa Wedding Event) that will be held in conjunction with the 27th Baba Nyonya Convention which was first held in 2014 in Indonesia. 14 federation representatives from various countries will also attend this event as Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Australia and of course Indonesia as the host.

"Culture should start from young people because of where a culture can live, sustainable or even death. Indonesia have something to be proud of this Peranakan culture, even been recognized internationally," said Mr. Andrew Susanto as the chairman of Aspertina.

Excitement Event

As events in 2012 ago, beside will display the Peranakan Tionghoa cuisine, this event will also be tinged with a fashion show of the famous Indonesian designers such as: Itang Yunasz, Samuel Wattimena, Poppy Dharsono, Geraldus Sugeng, Afif Syakur, Ian Adrian and Joko SSP. Clothing that will be displayed will incorporate elements of the Peranakan Tionghoa culture with modern design.

Winda Viska Kebaya Kondangan Peranakan Tionghoa"I see from the history of the acculturation were unusually good for me to learn. I will  translate kebaya peranakan containing elements of Chinese culture, Europe and Java. I haven't had the theme yet, it's just a name. Matters is the substance of culture," said Poppy Darsono some time ago.

In addition to performances staged fashion show, the event will also be celebrated with performances of Puppet Tavip, dances and singers Winda Viska. Winda Viska which is Indonesian Idol contestants was previously better known through her role as Sasha in OB sitcom and one of the judges on Idola Cilik and sinden in Opera Van Java (OVJ).

While the MC who will lead this event is Olga Lydia who has often seen in Indonesia television.

So can you imagine how great this event would be? This event will be held on 28 November 2014 at Hotel Sahid Jaya, Jakarta. For ticket reservations please contact Ms. Indry: 0812 9864 9983 or Ms. Paramita: 0817 688 6748. (fd)

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